Services & Features

Market Research

Search records for lead generation and market analysis. Find your competitor's publishers, market-share analytics, and historic records. Browse records by Ad Exchange, Publisher Domain, or SellerID.

API Access

Crawl, validate, and parse ads.txt files over simple REST API. Updated daily or crawl on-demand. Save weeks of development time and avoid maintenance headaches.

Adoption Statistics

Track the adoption of ads.txt across the web. See what percentage of the top 1M websites use ads.txt. Currently tracking 881,219 publishers and 2,955 authorized ad networks.


What is Ads.txt?

Ads.txt is a new standard for websites to communicate which ad networks are authorized to sell inventory on a site. The ads.txt initiative is led by the IAB and is designed to fight ad fraud.

Transparency in the ad supply chain allows advertisers to know if the ads they buy are legitimate. Ads.txt does not stop all ad fraud, but as publisher adoption increases it becomes harder for fraudsters.

How ads.txt works is simple. Participating publishers place a text file called "/ads.txt" on the root of their domain. Then publishers, exchanges, and third-parties can quickly check to verify authorized sellers.